environmental branding | graphic design

It’s a rare pleasure to be able to design in a white space – walls with no marks, no existing artwork or fixtures that must stay – but that is what Equation Staffing brought to this project. This project spanned three rooms, the reception, main corridor, and boardroom, and required a few different elements to achieve the desired “Calgary Theme” look in an unconventional way. 

Boardroom Feature

Photographs by David Youn, a Calgary based fine art photographer, were sourced and placed throughout the main reception area on edge-mounted stand-off hardware. The hallway received a mural treatment with a non-permanent decal that communicated the corporate staffing strategy of Equation, along with its business tagline and icon. The boardroom received a long frameless whiteboard with a glass overlay that was printed with the Equation Staffing icon lines used in their logo. 

Installed Wall Mural
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