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The exhibit design and build within the Humainologie Gallery + Store retail space presented a unique challenge, as all exhibits had to be designed so that they could be easily removed with no damage to the cabinetry beneath and while using cost-effective and sustainable materials. The design solution was to use direct printed hard panel materials fabricated with threaded pegs for mounting and fastening into the pegboard face of the cabinet. This method of fabrication allowed the doors of the cabinets to swing open and closed freely with disturbance to the exhibits, and for easy changeability when necessary without damage. Project commencement to opening date was 90 days, which required fast design turn-around, approval, fabrication, and installation of all exhibits.

Citizens of the World Exhibit

Three of the exhibits featured video and interactive portions to be integrated into the display, which required the sourcing of tablet mounting hardware and headphones so that viewers could step up to the video, put on the headphones and engage with the display as required. 
Two of the other displays, shown below, had an area where people could place shoes of the subject in the video for deeper interaction with the exhibit. We placed permanent floor decals to show where shoes could be placed, before returning them to their hanging area on the cabinet face. 

Finished Installation
Concept Layout
Entrance Exhibit Concept
Final Entrance Exhibit


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As a contractor, I won the opportunity to develop community board content for Calgary stores. This content was developed based on featured communication for individual stores or company-wide communications. Boards were changed over on an as-needed basis. 


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In order to liven up blank walls within the Peraton Office, large scale murals were created to give an artful appearance to their spaces. In the staff kitchen, there was a large wall behind the sink, where they requested a mural filled with imagery relating to the work Peraton does. The finished mural was printed in 52” panels which were installed on the wall and then covered with a tempered glass surface to protect it from water damage.

Kitchen Backsplash Decal

The “Flight Line” decal was installed in 52″ panels over a 60′ long wall, reaching from ceiling to floor. The design features a large scale image of airplanes, fading into a sketched image of the airplane base and flight crews. This hallway acted as the main thoroughfare for guests and employees and was a great area for a large and impactful image that related to the Peraton line of business. 

Right Perspective 'Flight Line'
Left Perspective 'Flight Line'


environmental branding | graphic design

It’s a rare pleasure to be able to design in a white space – walls with no marks, no existing artwork or fixtures that must stay – but that is what Equation Staffing brought to this project. This project spanned three rooms, the reception, main corridor, and boardroom, and required a few different elements to achieve the desired “Calgary Theme” look in an unconventional way. 

Reception Exhibit
Boardroom Whiteboard + Glass Feature

Photographs by David Youn, a Calgary based fine art photographer, were sourced and placed throughout the main reception area on edge-mounted stand-off hardware. The hallway received a mural treatment with a non-permanent decal that communicated the corporate staffing strategy of Equation, along with its business tagline and icon. The boardroom received a long frameless whiteboard with a glass overlay that was printed with the Equation Staffing icon lines used in their logo. 

Installed Wall Mural
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